Far from perfect

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Since my very first English lessons in 5th grade I write songs and poems in English. Now I have revised my texts from the last twenty-five years und published them in a small book.

Far from perfect

"Far from perfect"
by Fabian W. Williges
ISBN 978-3-7375-1594-8
advertised price 8,95 EUR

You can purchase this book at any good bookshop or at the publisher's website on epubli.de.

Review in the Mensa World Journal:

This charming collection of verses shows that lyric poetry is still alive, if only faintly and among a few Mensans. In his introduction, Williges explains his life-long love affair with the English language, even if he was a "horrible" student who refused to "sit down and swot" vocabulary. This collection of his favorite work from the past quarter century; poetry lovers will be grateful, especially those who prefer traditional rhyming, although Williges is still fully contemporary. Yet like practically all poetry through the ages, most of his verses are about love, especially heartbreak. Poem after poem expressing wounded feelings becomes rather tedious, but there are neat compositions that provide relief, such as "Little Wing" on p. 74, which begins:
Little wing! I dare you to fly …
little wing! I dare you to fly …
See, the sky—so high
and these trees—so small
don't wonder why
just follow the call.
Silly thing, why don't you dance?
Silly thing, why don't you dance?
It is apparent that Williges is somewhat influenced by e.e. cummings, but also by the modern lyric tradition in general. This is for those who prefer their poetry contemporary but timeless. [Hal Swindall, August 2016]

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